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UV LED Flatbed Printer

The UV LED flatbed printer is the upgraded version of our UV flatbed printer, and it uses UV LED lamp as the curing unit instead of common UV lamp. This UV LED inkjet printer works well with various substrates, and better printing result is provided in a shorter time, indicating that higher printing efficiency is achieved.

1. When compared with conventional UV printer, the life span of our product is 10 times higher, and the power consumption is reduced by 90%. More specifically, the universal LED UV printer has an expected service life of 10,000 hours which won't be affected even if this printing machine is switched on and off frequently.
2. For this UV LED flatbed printer, 100% UV output is offered as soon as the lamp is switched on, and preheating is not necessary. The combination of high curing energy and stable UV output provides uniform lighting effect, which is very important to improve production efficiency. In addition, the effective print area could be tailored from 7mm to 1000mm in length.
3. As we know, LED lamp is a kind of cold light source that won't generate too much thermal radiation. Accordingly, the substrates and inks only exhibit a low temperature rise, thus eliminating thermal damages that are often seen for common UV lamps. At the same time, since there is not too much heat generated during printing, workers won't suffer high temperature any more.
4. Our UV LED flatbed printer doesn't contain mercury, and it won't generate ozone as well, making it a safer and more eco-friendly choice to replace conventional UV printers. Furthermore, the maintenance cost for LED lamp is almost zero.

Technical Data
Printhead/ink dot KM1024MHB/14pl
Printhead No. 4, 6, 8
Printing ink UV LED ink
Printing width and height 1.31×1.31m, 2×3.02m, 2.44×1.22m (50mm adjustable)
Printing speed 4 pass, 360×1440dpi (32m2/h)
RIP software Postershop X10, PhotoPRINT 10, ColorGate (optional)
Working temperature and humidity 20°C~27°C (best), 45%-75%RH (non-condensing)
Computer requirements CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad, ≥3GHz
Memory: ≥4G
Free hard-disk space: ≥100G
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