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    1. UV Flatbed Printer

      The UV lamp, imported from UK, offers five different power levels to choose from, and it is characterized by good stability which means light leakage is avoided when working, thus cutting down operation cost. The lamp has an expected service life of 10 years, and it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

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    1. UV LED Flatbed Printer

      As we know, LED lamp is a kind of cold light source that won’t generate too much thermal radiation. Accordingly, the substrates and inks only exhibit a low temperature rise, thus eliminating thermal damages that are often seen for common UV lamps. At the same time, since there is not too much heat generated during printing, workers won't suffer high temperature any more.

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Yaselan UV Printer

The PIONEER series Yaselan UV printer is a new generation UV curing inkjet printer developed after 6 times of technical upgrade, and it greatly widens the application range of printers, from large signs to small cell phones, from hard materials (metal and glass) to soft materials (poster and paper).

Our UV curable printer aims at high-end market, and it adopts magnetic levitation control technique to deliver more stable performance, making it suitable for printing high definition pictures. The following paragraphs give brief introductions on product property.

Wide Application Range
The UV printer is commonly used to make large format outdoor advertising picture, vehicle wrap, fabric banner, light box as well as stage background, and it also fits for indoor poster, store shelf, shop window, decorative picture and so on.

When it comes to substrates, both hard and soft materials are applicable, such as acrylic, PVC, glass, ceramic, marble, wood, leather, fabric, stainless steel, etc.

Long Service Life

1. For UV flatbed printer, the UV lamp is imported from UK, and it has five power levels, thus offering more choices when compared with common UV lamps. This imported UV lamp is expected to work for 10 years, and we offer a warranty period of 2 years. In addition, UV light won't spread to ambient environment during work.

2. For UV LED flatbed printer, the UV LED lamp is a cold light source with very low power consumption, and its useful life reaches up to 10,000 hours or so, which is 10 times of that of conventional UV lamps. Meanwhile, when a conventional UV lamp works, the temperature is about 800°C, so, heat pipes are necessary. However, a UV LED lamp generates little heat when working, thereby preventing any danger caused by heat, such as deformation of substrate.

High Printing Precision
Our UV printer is outfitted with a vacuum bed, so printing substrates are stabilized more firmly and inks are positioned more precisely. In this way, both precise registration and three dimensional embossing effect are achieved, and high definition printing (1440dpi) is also realized. The smooth, precise and HD images provide extra joy to customers.

1. The unique continuous ink supply system has been utilized for 15 years, and it has been field-proven to be of stable quality.

2. The high precision linear guide is manufactured by THK, and it helps to improve printing precision.

3. Made in Italy, the diffraction grating suits well for industrial applications, and it has a long life span. In particular, its precision is 1016dpi, much larger than that of common gratings (180dpi).

4. There are six separate ink channels, allowing you to choose CMYK + White + White, or CMYK + White + Clear for better image quality. Moreover, CMYK + Lc + Lm ensures optimized image quality and color gamut that are similar to those of photos, even for close-up view.

Fast Printing Speed

1. Our UV printer makes use of automatic paper feeding and collecting functions to speed up substrate transportation process, thereby enhancing printing efficiency. In addition, unattended working is also realized.

2. The printing speed is as high as 33m2/h, and even 2pt letters could be printed.

Excellent Printing Result
Our PIONEER series UV printer offers superior printing results, and brings new printing experience to users. Its components are made by world-class manufacturers, and major expendable parts are provided with a 14-month-long warranty.

1. Casters are the most fundamental parts of the color printing machine, and they should be firm enough so as to ensure steady printing. Our casters are imported from Korea, and they are CE certificated. Every single caster is able to support 2000kg.

2. For this digital printer, its filters are provided by Pall Corporation, which is a global supplier of filtration, separation and purification products based in the USA. Thanks to these long-life filters, large pigment particles in inks are removed to prevent printhead from getting blocked, thus ensuring high image quality.

Remarkable Energy Saving Performance
1. The magnetic levitation control technique generates splendid energy conservation effect, and this contributes to longer service life and better printing result.
2. Our UV printer is an energy saving product, and it only consumes a small portion of energy when compared to conventional UV printers. So, a standard power strip is enough, and no extra power supply is required. In this regard, thousand dollars will be saved every year when you pay electricity bills, while GHG emission is also cut down.
3. The UV lamp won't give out ozone or generate spectrum, making it an alternative choice for conventional UV lamps.

Yaselan UV printers are divided into UV flatbed printer and UV LED flatbed printer according to lamp type, and these two models use different inks accordingly.