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UV Printer for Aluminum Composite Panel

In subway stations, office building and other public places, there are usually many signs, route maps, direction boards and advertising boards that offer much help to facilitate public service. These durable signs are made from aluminum composite panel, and our UV printer is an indispensable device when making them.

Technical Property
The UV LED printer takes advantage of UV LED inks to create images on aluminum composite panels, and this kind of ink is cured by UV LED lamp. Accordingly, no harmful gas will be generated during printing process, and the finished images are exceptionally resistant to water, UV, scratch and color fading.

With the help of Konica Minolta print heads, the print width, speed and precision could reach up to 2.50m, 35m2/h and 720×1440dpi, respectively. When it comes to color configuration, there are four choices to choose from, which are 4-color system (CMYK), 5-color system (CMYK+W), 6-color system (CMYK+Lc+Lm) and 8-color system (CMYK+Lc+Lm+W+V).

In general, our UV LED flatbed printer is characterized by high definition, vivid color and fast print speed, and it has passed CE certification. So, it is highly recommended when customers want to print high quality images on aluminum composite panels.

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