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    1. UV Printer for Glass

      The UV flatbed printing machine is able to print various kinds of patterns on glass directly without the help of molds, thus realizing immediate and highly efficient printing. In this regard, our UV glass printer takes the place of manual printing to save a lot of production cost and time for customers in glass industry, and brings considerable economic benefit.

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    1. UV Printer for Aluminum Composite PanelIn subway stations, office building and other public places, there are usually many signs, route maps, direction boards and advertising boards that offer much help to facilitate public service. These durable signs are made from aluminum composite panel, and our UV printer is an indispensable device when making them.
    1. UV Printer for Acrylic

      Acrylic is a clear plastic that will get deformed or even softened when heated, and this makes it pretty difficult to print images or patterns on acrylic. Moreover, traditional printers usually print images on the surface of substrates, and these printed images are very likely to be scratched off.

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    1. UV Printer for Ceramics

      Unlike manual drawing, silk screen printing and other printing skills, UV printing method directly prints patterns on the surface of ceramics, and after some following treatments, these ceramics possess good resistance to wear, water, radiation and temperature difference that are in accordance with relevant standards.

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    1. UV Printer for Leather

      Leather and textile are common products in daily life, and they are often printed with some letters or images. However, traditional printing methods not only cost much money in platemaking, but also have some requirements for the leather and textile to be printed. So, these methods are usually adopted when fabricating high-end leather products

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Printing Material

Yaselan UV printer is based on the non-contact inkjet printing technology, and the oil-based solvent ink will penetrate substrates as a result of etching effect. In this way, the printed images are integrated with substrates firmly, and these images are clear, water-proof, scratch-proof and fade-resistant. Furthermore, the print speed is as high as 33m2/h, and the UV lamp dries inks directly, thus realizing instant drying.

This universal UV printer, also known as industrial UV printer or UV color printer, is applicable for a wide range of hard and flexible materials, including glass, metal, wood, acrylic, ceramic, leather, aluminum composite panel and others, to make different products, like roadmaps, decorative pictures, advertising graphics, etc.

  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Ceramics
  • Leather