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About Us

Yaselan is a reputable UV flatbed printer manufacturer in China, and we are also the first Chinese enterprise that fabricates UV printer and wide format printer. We are mainly concentrated on the research, production and sales of large computer-aided inkjet printing systems, and six great technical upgrades have taken place since our establishment in 1993, boosting frame type computer-aided color printer to computer-aided drum printer, and to large digital color printer now. Our UV flatbed printer has found a wide range of applications in different industries, such as sign, decoration material, home appliance, indoor advertisement and so on.

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In the year of 2000, the first large digital inkjet printer in China, namely YSL-D3500, was constructed in our factory, and over 300 sets of this model have been sold up to now. For quality considerations, we introduce printheads from Spectra, which is a leading developer and supplier of ink jet printheads based in the USA. In order to realize high precision printing, we launched a research program in 2006 to fabricate high precision inkjet printers integrated with KM512 (14pl) printheads. Just one year later, our YSL-D2300S reached the market, and it was fit for both indoor and outdoor applications while its printing precision was 720dpi. On the other hand, our company developed YSL-D1600FB to enhance printing efficiency. This model was designed to use solvent ink to complete flatbed and roll-to-roll printing jobs in a highly automatic way.

In 2007, a kind of UV flatbed printer, i.e. YSL-D1600FBUV, was invented, and it was able to offer photo quality output. This printer utilized eco-friendly UV ink, and its printing precision could reach up to as high as 1400dpi, making it the most precise UV printer now. Our PIONEER series UV flatbed printer provides excellent printing performance, and it fits for various fields.

At present, we try to promote our high precision inkjet printers, and are willing to improve these products according to customers' feedback to make them suitable for every specific application case.